Drupal is considered a feature complete CMS. Out of the box it provides the ability to create different content types with different formats and templates based upon the type. The core modules can support user blogs, forums, general content, content structured like books and customizable user profiles. It contains a rich and highly customizable roles based security system that allows for granular control of the site and its content. One of the most important things Drupal provides is the ability to optimize the site for search engines with clean, descriptive URLs and appropriate meta data. Finally Drupal provides an integrated taxonomy system, allowing to the site's content to be categorized in many different ways, giving the end user the ability to easily locate content.

In addition, there is a rich community of developers that have created modules that plug into the Drupal framework to extend its functionality. In the unlikely event that a module cannot be located to achieve a particular functionality, we can develop a custom one that will suit your needs.

In fact, demonstrating a strong belief in the system, Zahler IT's site is built on it using a customized theme and integrating about a dozen contributed modules. It has allowed the company to create new content types that allow formatting the content for that particular type.