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Power isn't Information

This past fall, once again, I volunteered my time to the New York City Marathon as an Amateur Radio Operator. I have been doing this for so long that I have lost count, but I think it's something on the order of 31 or 32 years. My position for the majority of this time has been on the Senior Staff of the radio operator's group and in this capacity I was, primarily a radio shadow to a top level NY Road Runner staff member keeping him or her abreast of problems along the course and communicate resolutions back to the course.

Know Thy Target Audience

I have been on a quest to find the perfect iPad case/protection system. This has been no easy task, given the wide array of products out there; from very conservative looking leather folios to funky slip sleeves and everything in between. Alas, this is not a post about the destination, but that of discovery.

It's Not Easy being Green

Off I go again on a search for green hosting. You know, a way to host web sites in a way that has little or no impact to the environment.

There are companies out there that offer green hosting, others that will sell you carbon offsets and yet others that have fully embraced a low environmental impact throughout their organization. On the surface, this seems like an easy proposal, simply Google the term 'green hosting' and you'll easily find what you're looking for. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Out with Xen, in with VMware

After having such disappointing performance on our trustworthy PowerEdge 2850 running Xen on top of CentOS 5.5, I decided to see if things looked better on the other side of the VM fence with VMware's ESXi server. I have to say things are running much better.

I had a PowerEdge 1850 that hasn't been tasked yet and figured that would be a good place to start. This machine is anemic compared to the 2850 (Which is no powerhouse either)

Portable Computing in 2011

As many of my clients and associates are well aware, I have been a cell phone user for almost 20 years. The first phone being a Motorola Ultra Classic. After striking out on my own over seven years ago, I embraced smart phones. It was, given the nature of my business model, that I needed access to email at the same level that I had while sitting at my desk.

CMS Marketshare

I've been a user of the web for business for over 20 years and working on web projects for somewhere around 15 and it still amazes me how you're looking for one piece of information and you stumble on something else to satisfy a question that may have been asked in passing.

Our New Web Site

Zahler IT has launched their new web site. After being in business for over 7 years, helping clients relize their dreams, we have taken down our placeholder page and replaced it with a fully featured web presence. We will no longer be the shoeless children of the cobbler.

We are eating our own dogfood with this site and have implemented it in Drupal 6.x with an assortment of modules as well as a custom built theme. The theme was built ussing the latest in web standards and validates as XHTML 1.1.


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