Scudder Falls Bridge Website

In 2003, The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission (DRJTBC), began planning for the replacement of a major river crossing that is part of Interstate 95. A static website was commissioned by one of their contractors to provide the public with information relating to the project. In late 2014, the DRJTBC cleared all the hurdles required to proceed with the replacement project. This project will be impacting many communities on both sides of the river as well as the commutation of over 55,000 vehicles daily.

Because the new phase of the project would be considerably more dynamic than the prior research phases, impacting the public and commuters, it was determined that a decade-old static website would not meet their needs moving forward. The new site would need to allow for better usability, support frequent updates, and various presentations of information, and be the focal point to the project's public outreach effort.

Zahler IT developed the new Scudder Falls Bridge Replacement Project website using Drupal, which provided the ability to quickly and easily manage the content on the site. To minimize the requirements of content creation, tools were put in place to generate thumbnails of uploaded documents as well as the generation of appropriate sized images as their use dictates. The website also provides workflows to allow for content to be created and edited by many content creators, while maintaining the ability for the primary stakeholder to easily control what is published for public viewing.



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