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Custom built website built around a bespoke CMS. Zahler IT has been working with NRDC for 15 years and has been continually updating and enhancing their website. Most recently the organization went through an entire rebranding which required the look and feel of the website to change while maintaining continuity with over 10,000 documents.

Initially this site was based upon Active Server Pages with a back end of SQL Server for both the administrative as well as the publicly facing sites. As time and technology progressed, while the public site reamins in ASP, the administrative system was entirely rewritten in C#.Net. This rewrite has afforded us the ability create a more manageable code base and minimise the time and costs for development and QA as new functioality is added.

The publicly facing site is a collaborative effort of a virtual team of designers, developers and UI/UX specialists assembled by the client.

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