In 2003, The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission (DRJTBC), began planning for the replacement of a major river crossing that is part of Interstate 95. A static website was commissioned by one of their contractors to provide the public with information relating to the project. In late 2014, the DRJTBC cleared all the hurdles required to proceed with the replacement project. This project will be impacting many communities on both sides of the river as well as the commutation of over 55,000 vehicles daily.

Zahler IT has been working with Foto Care for over ten years. Being that they're a photograher's pro-shop was primarily a Mac focused client and prided themselves on supporing the platfom they sold. Certain constituents within the organization were PC based. Starting initially with maintaining their workstations in their rental and bookkeeping departments, there was little server infrastructure aside from a Novell server that was running an application designed specifically for equipment rental.

NRDC Home Page

Custom built website built around a bespoke CMS. Zahler IT has been working with NRDC for 15 years and has been continually updating and enhancing their website. Most recently the organization went through an entire rebranding which required the look and feel of the website to change while maintaining continuity with over 10,000 documents.

SHRM LI Home Page

Drupal based website based upon a prepackaged theme allowing the dissemination of information to the general public as well as restricted areas meant for members and other constituents.

Because the client is a smaller, not for profit entity, Zahler IT sought to create and implement a design that could provide, outwardly, the appearance of a custom developed theme, while staying within a theme that provided the flexibility with a minimum of effort. 

TW Home Page

Drupal based website for renowned celebrity photographer, Timothy White. The site was most recently redesigned to provide appropriate user experience from an iPhone to a high resolution, large format desktop monitor, all the while maintaining the whimsical approach to the user experience that the client desired.


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