David Zahler


David is a consultant with over 20 years of IT experience. He has created innovative solutions for a wide spectrum of clients. Unique challenges presented by each engagement results in the client achieving elegant solutions while minimizing workflow interruptions and maximizing operation efficiency.

“Technology as a whole is an enabler; the final solution has nothing to do with the underlying technology,” said David recently. “And working within the client’s parameters, the technology that is utilized should be invisible.

In addition to having strong analytical skills, David is successful because he has the ability to expand his range of knowledge by working with clients and contractors. As a result David finds the correct solution, rather than using the latest new technology. “It’s all about having a full tool chest available and knowing the appropriate tool to use in that situation,” he says.

Prior to forming the consultancy, David worked in a variety of industries, with the most recent position being a five year engagement with a boutique marketing firm. His experience has given him the ability to look at the final solution, which sometimes has nothing to do with technology. He finds that when sitting down with clients and discussing the project, very little was mentioned about computers, servers or software. Only the final product mattered.

MCPDavid has extensive knowledge in off-the-shelf content management systems on multiple platforms.  In addition he has developed custom systems. He focuses primarily on Microsoft tool sets but also works with Linux and open source. He maintains skill sets across multiple disciplines and platforms, working in the realm of bespoke applications, open source and proprietary platforms.

Successful long-term client relationships endure because David is able to fit in with the culture of the organization. “I am available through all methods of communication. This is the way I help the client feel comfortable, and that I’m not there to just send them a bill at the end of each engagement. I am there to help them.”


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